​​​​​​How much life insurance do you Need?  Great question!  Consider these:

     1.  How old are you now?

     2.  How many are you hoping to provide economic security for?

     3.  What is your debt?

     4.  What is the purpose of the life insurance plan you hope to acquire?

          *  Death benefit only

          *  Living benefits only

          *  Both living and death benefits

          *  Burial expenses only

     5.  When do you plan to retire?

     6.  What is your retirement plan?  Have you set one?

​​​​​​​​Options to Consider When Selecting Life Insurance Products

What Kind of life insurance should you get?  That depends:

​     1.  Is it for death benefit only?  Answer:  Term, final expense, or Guaranteed No-Lapse plans would do.

     2.  Is there a period of years you would like it for?  Answer:  Term life is most economical.

     3.  Are you looking for accumulation of funds for future expenses?  Answer: Permanent insurance is

           needed;  Whole Life, Universal Life, and Indexed Universal Life are most common.

​     4.  Are there health issues that make it difficult to obtain a life insurance plan?  Answer:  Guarantee

           issue whole life, or final expense insurance plans are available. 

     5.  Does your age make renewing your present plan difficult?  Guarantee no-lapse whole life plans could

           be your best option.

​     6.  Are you on a tight or limited budget? Term Insurance is your best option until the budget improves.


Defined by the New World Dictionary as anything handed down from an ancestor.  Are you comfortable with your legacy?  Spiritually and morally you have left your mark on your family, but how do you feel about their economic security?  What about the mortgage, the automobiles, other expenses?  Can they be taken care of without you?  What will your beneficiaries' standards of living be without you and your income?

Life Insurance - assurance for generations

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