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                   To Provide The Best Plans of Only Top Rated Insurers, Their Benefits, Their Options, and Their Quoted Rates All At No Cost or Obligation To You!

Harold DeWitt - Broker / agent

Dental & Vision: We'll help you find the plans with the best benefits, most appropriate network and competitive rates. 

Insurance Services

Life:  Together we will determine

your living benefit needs, the death benefit needs of your beneficiaries and direct your path for successful completion of each.


Retirement Benefits:

We'll explain all the possible solutions you have.

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Medical: Benefits and Premium
quotes of the top companies in
the tri-state area.  (OH, IN, KY)

Insurance is the language of the Practical Life

Today's life insurance plan can not only provide a death benefit for the economic security of the beneficiaries, but can 

include living benefits as well.  Because I represent only top rated life insuring companies, I can confidently offer the most appropriate plan for meeting you and your family's unforseen future needs!  (Find out how)

Have you planned far enough ahead?  At what age are you most ready for that major step?  Do you know what your social security will provide?  Is your pension going to allow you to maintain some semblance of your present style of living?  Could you outlive your funds?  Are you ready for "Retirement?  Let's find out!

As an independent agent, I represent most of the major medical health insuring companies available in the tri-state area (Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana).  My promise is to provide the plan that best meets your health needs and your budget.  Want a quote!  Need some benefit information!  Contact me. There is no cost or obligation on your part!







LYnky Insurance  Benefits

Why Choose to work with us?  Why Lynky?

Honesty, Integrety, selection, products, and more!

As Broker / Agents we are not employees of any life or health insuring company for which  we provide products and services!  Therefore, we select which companies and which products we are comfortable providing to our clients.  With that fundamental belief in mind, we have chosen to contract with only top rated companies with the experience and financial strength to provide "Assurance for Generations."
We are able to provide fundamental information, and the most competitive benefits at the most competitive rates all at no cost or obligation to our clients.  While we are embursed by the companies we represent, no fees or charges are paid by our clients for our services!