Better known as United Health Care and the primary representative of AARP health care plans, this company has a very large national presence, but primarily provides high quality HMO network plans (health, dental, and vision).  Click the button to see if they are right for you. 

The Following Companies Provide Dental, Vision, and Vision Plans:

Humana has entered the Marketplace in both Ohio and Kentucky with the goal of becoming competitive right away.  They have created  both large PPO networks and smaller HMO networks.  See what is right for you.

Medical Mutual of Ohio has one of the largest networks in the state.  Not only have they been competitively priced for the last several years, but they have been a leader in benefit upgrades as well.  Click the botton for more information.


 Anthem is a very strong and competitively priced company in all  three areas throughout the tri-state area and the nation.  Click the button to get all the information you need to make an informed decision on all health needs.

The Following Health Insuring Companies Provide Both On and Off-Exchange Health, Dental, and  some Vision Plans:

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HealthCare.Gov :

It's not to late to Get your health Insured

For the majority of citizens, the annual Open enrollment period has come and gone.  However,  not everyone is locked out of acquiring health insurance for if you have a special Triggering event you may still

get a plan for 2016.  See the qualifying events...

Kaiser Subsity calculator

To find out if you might qualify for a federal tax subsidy, reduced out of pocket costs, Medicaid, a Child Health Insurance Program, a combination of these, or non of them, click the button below and follow the instructions.

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  federal Subsidy?

How do you know?  What are the qualifications?  How do you find out? Where can you go for answers?  Let us help!!!

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LYnky Insurance  Benefits

Aetna is a nationally known health insuring company headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky.  They have divided the state into 17 regions each with its own HMO network.

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