• Health Insurance:

                   1,  Medical

                   2.  Dental / Vision

                   3.  Short Term

​                   4.  Medicare

  • LIfe Insurance:

                   1,  Term

                   2,  Whole Life

​                   3,  Universal Life

                   4,  Indexed Universal Life

                   5.  Final Expense

  • Retirement Benefits:

                  1.  Lump Sum Accumulation

                   2.  Tax Deferred

                   3.  Tax Free

Choosing Health Insurance:

It's not too late to acquire a health insurance policy for 2017.  However, are you comfortable with your knowledge of the ACA program and its policies?  Do you understand the process, the terminology, who's eligible for what, how to apply, and etc.  Who do you turn to for answers? That's where I come in!! Click the button below for answers and explanations!!!

Life Insurance:  Looking Forward

If you have life insurance and haven't reviewed it lately, you need to.  Often people forget to update it when changes occur within their families. Have there been any births, deaths, economic changes, health changes, or any other life changing events?

It's possible that your old whole life plan really isn't lapse proof. It won't cost you anything to find out if your plan meets your future needs. For answers to these and more questions click the tab below... 

  • ​Represents multiple top rated companies
  • Desire to fit a plan around you rather than fit you into a plan
  • Friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff
  • Willing to communicate through medium of your choice
  • Free and no obligation consultations
  • Willingness to meet at a place and time of your convenience
  • Health and Life insurance options at your fingertips
  • Competitive rates and benefits
  • Many more options than a captive agent
  • 24/7 assistance
  • Individual, family and business packages available in one place
  • On and off-exchange plans and benefits
  • Ability to direct you to the appropriate office for specific    assistance, not available to agents.

Our Company at a Glance

Jaxsyn and Trey Blair:  

   Office Staff:  These young men

      have assumed the rolls of office

      wall and cabinet decoration,

      stapler and tape dispenser

      emptiers, printer operators, and 

      paper wasters.  Always done

      with great pride and effort!

Harold (Dick) DeWitt:

    Broker/Agent:  My primary 

     objective is to provide the best

     product, at the best price, while          addressing the needs, concerns,          and desires of those who seek my

     services.  At no cost or obligation

     I will be provided all services to

     the best of my ability !


Benefits of working with an 

         Independent Broker / Agent:

Some of What We Insure:

​Retirement Benefits:  

Living Benefits:  Most people are living well beyond retirement age, but many have not prepared for the economic changes that result.

     Others that have attempted to prepare for that day, underestimated the changes that occur.  Let's take a free, no obligation look at retirement benefits offered by top rated insuring companies!

Our Office Staff:


LYnky Insurance  Benefits